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If it’s easy to wake up early in the morning, more people would be doing it. more Before you schedule that next extravagant team vacation or newest game system more In a 2015 study, researchers found that Americans are still getting fatter more Everyone wants a better life, more options, more success, and plenty of more Going completely gluten-free can be quite a challenge. However, it does not more

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Put Your Best Foot Forward: Awesome Anklet Designs That Should be Part of Your Closet

Most ladies pay close attention to accessories on every part of their body but neglect their feet. Although your feet are not instantly noticeable, taking them for granted could ruin your overall look. One way you can “accessorize” your feet, like the rest of your bod...


Why Fashion and Style Matters in the Boardroom and on the Slopes

Your appearance can boost your career. But for some men, shopping for men’s clothes can be a chore. The right clothing is essential to look sharp and smart. Dressing well also improves your moods and enhances your self-esteem. Especially if you’re an active sportsman,...

discoloured teeth

Natural Gleams Restored

A hard-to-remove stain can ruin an otherwise great outfit just in the same way stains on the teeth can ruin an otherwise great smile. Even the most diligent brushing can’t prevent teeth discolouring over the years, but patients don’t have to grin and bear it, or more likely n...

powder base make-up

Understanding the Right Kind of Makeup for You

Hundreds of beauty trends exist at the moment, and the most prominent of these trends are those that have proven effective. Beauty and skin care are an investment like any other. You pay for a product and expect returns. Before embarking on a costly search, it is essential to con...

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