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Why Your Office Workers Need Caffeine

Before you schedule that next extravagant team vacation or newest game system for your office workers, you should consider something more traditional.

Coffee machines for offices (along with free, delicious coffee) may be something worth the investment if you want to make sure your workers are as productive as they can be.

Here’s what a new coffee station at your office could mean for your workers:

  1. Health benefits.

Studies have shown that coffee taken in moderate amounts such as four cups a day have been linked to lowered risk for a lot of cardiovascular diseases. The same study also noted that too much coffee could be bad for your health (around ten cups). So encouraging your employees to drink the right amount could help their health in the long run.

  1. Increases productivity.

Scientists like Arthur Carpentier have been able to correlate the Gross Domestic Product per hour of countries and their average coffee consumption per worker. Mathematicians say that the quantitative data reveals that the more coffee a country’s workers drinks, the more productive their workforce is.

  1. Keeps your workers from getting sleepy and groggy.

Other studies have also surfaced that talked about how caffeine can block the brain receptors for drowsiness and sleepiness. Drinking the right amount of coffee at the right time may keep your staff from taking naps or losing productivity due to lack of sleep.

Keep in mind, though, that you have to be able to provide good coffee to you workers. Instant variants may not even have enough caffeine to register in their bodies so they can enjoy benefits.

Consider getting something that is brewed from freshly ground beans. You should also offer syrup, milk, creamer and maybe even whipped cream on hand.

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