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3 Common Types of Meditation for Beginner Yogis

Yoga Meditation Retreat

It’s true that you can control your life with your mind. As we live a more hectic lifestyle, however, doing that might seem to be challenging. How can you do it now, you ask? By taking a break and doing yoga meditation.

There are various forms of yoga to help de-clutter and re-focus your mind. These are not as simple as they may sound, however. Signing up for yoga and meditation retreats is one of the best ways to begin your journey to a better you. Here are a few common forms of meditation for beginner yogis:

Mindfulness or Buddhist Meditation

This is founded on the principle of focusing your mind on the present. Among the standard techniques used here are focusing on breathing and doing an impartial observation of physical sensations. The self-knowledge achieved by this meditation is a foundation for overcoming intolerance, dissatisfaction, and impatience. As a result, you can promote a full and happier lifestyle.

Yoga Nidra

This is loosely translated as yogic sleep, as it’s done in a reclined or lying down position. You remain fully conscious though it might look like you’re taking a nap. This meditation involves visualization and guided instructions from an instructor who leads you to a deep, conscious, and relaxed state. This is the ideal form of meditation for yogis whose primary objective is to relieve stress.

Vipassana or Insight Meditation

This meditation technique involves self-observation, and its primary emphasis is on your breathing. Vipassana teaches you to identify all your thoughts and experiences, while keeping your mind on the present through breathing exercises. It involves observing your body sensations and yet not reacting to them. This helps you learn how to cope with various situations and to exude love and purity.

There isn’t a single best form of meditation in yoga. The key to benefiting from yoga meditation is to practice and be consistent. This will enable you to get the best and most comfortable one for you.

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