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Event Planners: Here’s 5 Tips You Should Know When Choosing to be One

Event planner scheduling an event

Event planning may seem like a glamorous job, but it’s actually more stressful than it looks. If you’re considering getting into this business, here’s what you should know.

1. Keep a Portfolio

It makes sense to keep a portfolio containing anything and everything you have to offer a client. The portfolio can include events held in an Edwardsville events space such as Edison’s Entertainment Complex, for example, in an event hall, ballroom, bar, restaurant, church, conference room, and more.

A portfolio allows you to show their options to clients and narrow down their choices.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Don’t offer your services all over the place. It makes sense to focus on specific event types like weddings, birthdays, debuts, or bar mitzvahs. By doing so, you’ll create a more precise system that leaves your clients satisfied. You’ll find that as you grow proficient in one type, you’ll slowly gain popularity in another.

3. Constantly Build Your Contacts

Events are a contacts game as you call different people from the caterers, the band, the venue, the florists, the chef, and various other people who chip in the overall completion of the event. It makes sense to have five or more people on your list that you can contact, depending on your needs.

4. Start with a Budget

Event planners typically need to start with a working budget to pay off the contractors during the initial part of the planning. You might need to dip into your own pocket so make sure you’ve got the contract done perfectly for reimbursement purposes.

5. Be Ready to Fill In

There’s a good chance some important item will snag on the way – so, be ready to lend a hand in the process. This can mean doing the actual legwork, so it also helps to have a clear grasp of what contractor jobs entail.

Of course, those are just some things to bear in mind. Note that when it comes to events, connections and your ability to deal with people plays a crucial role in keeping the clients happy.

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