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Considerations When Looking for a Wedding Venue

Groom putting a ring to the Bride

A wedding in Kansas can be a magical affair if you have the right venue and invited your favorite people to witness the ceremony. The reception is as important as the wedding ceremony itself, and it’s where all the fun happens. With that said, you want a venue that can be dressed up according to your wishes. It’s your day, after all.

Here are some considerations when you look at party venues in Kansas City:


Some couples want an intimate wedding and will only invite their closest friends. Others want it to be a grand affair and will invite everyone they know. Depending on your preferences, choose a venue that can accommodate more than your assumed headcount. You’d rather have a venue that looks roomy if some guests didn’t show up, instead of a cramped venue in case plus-ones decide to tag other people along.


Most wedding venues know what a normal reception requires, which means they should accommodate audio and visual equipment. However, if you are eyeing a venue that is not specifically marketed as a wedding venue, double-check with the owner to know how much they can accommodate. Know if you need to provide certain equipment or if it’s already part of the coverage. You’ll also want to be sure someone is setting up the equipment on time.


Some venues have restrictions in place, to preserve the location or to comply with local regulations. For instance, is there a time limit to the use of the venue? Are you paying hourly fees, and is there a time of night when you need to lower the volume of music? If you want your reception to go on until the next day, choose a venue that can accommodate that without bothering anyone nearby.

Few moments in life are as magical as your wedding day. To be happy and satisfied with everything, choose your venue wisely.

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