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Your Guide to a Crazy Rich Experience in Singapore


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ put Singapore on the map for tourists who want a crazy and rich experience unlike any other. Even with a limited budget, they want to get the full Asian experience. And who can blame them when Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and home to glamour?

If you are planning a holiday in the Garden City, the following should be part of your itinerary:

Singapore at Night

Just as the Changi International Airport is worth a few hours to explore, the whole of Singapore is something to behold at night. The city-state is famous for its bustling night-life, and there is a light show to catch any day of the week.

Whether your holiday is for business or leisure, surely you could spare a night to explore the streets or the views from high up any of the tall buildings near you.

Gardens by the Bay

If you had time to visit only one place in Singapore, make it something worthwhile. The famous Gardens by the Bay shows the country’s vision for the future. The architectural marvel is a green oasis that you do not have to go far to see.

It is right in the middle of the city — probably easy to spot from where you are staying. It can be a good wedding reception if you intend to get married in Singapore, too.

Hawker Food

Singapore is not only known for its landmarks. Food is one of the reasons tourists go back. First-time visitors should not miss out on a chance to try Michelin-starred dishes at affordable prices.

Yes, those exist in Singapore — and not in a fancy restaurant, either. A food stall can earn their stars just as easily as a full-scale restaurant. Singaporeans have proven that their mastery of food preparation is worth the recognition.

You do not have to be crazy, rich or Asian to enjoy Singapore. There are plenty of things to see in every part of the city-state, so lace up your travelling boots and go.

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