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Soap Made with Science: What I Learned After Using Kedma’s Anti-cellulite Soap

beauty soap made with oatmeal

Using soap is an effective way of cleansing the body. Hence, many Filipino households have soap, which is not only for sanitation. For instance, the Kedma facial care soap that I got had visible results a few days after I started using it. The cellulite on my legs and thighs disappeared. Upon reading more on the product, here is what I learned:

The Soap Penetrates the Skin

It turns out that the soap’s effectiveness is made possible by its deep-penetrating properties. These include Dead Sea minerals. The said ingredients are designed to target cellulite without damaging other parts of the skin. Thus, you can use this product even if you have sensitive skin.

You Scrub the Cellulite with the Soap

It also helps that the soap has tiny bumps that effectively exfoliate the skin. Hence, you can use it to scrub the cellulite from your body. This gives it an advantage over other products that lack these properties.

It Comes with Nourishing Ingredients

The soap has nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera and tea tree oil, so that the skin does not become unhealthy. The said ingredients are known to nourish the skin adequately. Hence, you do not have to worry about dry or patchy skin when you go outside.

In the end, I am satisfied with Kedma’s anti-cellulite soap. In light of its nourishing ingredients and deep-penetrating properties, this product is essential to people who struggle with various skin problems. Thus, I will gladly recommend it to my friends the next time they ask me about my improved skin. In the meantime, I will use it daily to get better results.

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