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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

Jack O lantern

It’s the spookiest time of the year! Whether you waited until the last minute or simply forgot, here are fun and quick and easy — yet clever — ideas for your Halloween costume.

Woody from Toy Story

You can never go wrong going as everyone’s favorite cowboy. It’s so easy to put together, too: Just don a yellow long-sleeved shirt, a red neckerchief, a cow-print vest, blue jeans, a cowboy hat, and a pair of cowboy boots!

Walmart Yodeling Boy

For a country outfit that’s even easier to pull off, go as one of 2018’s biggest memes: Mason Ramsey. All you need are blue jeans, cowboy boots, a white button-down and a bowtie.

Budget tip: Complete the look for less by looking for men’s cowboy boots on sale as early as now.

Yanny or Laurel

It doesn’t get easier than this: Write YANNY on the front of your shirt and LAUREL at the back. You can even turn it into a matching costume with your best bud by going as YANNY, while they go as LAUREL.

A Tide Pod

Going as a Tide pod makes for a great last-minute costume. Simply draw blue and orange half-swirls on a white poster board and hang it around your neck. Everyone will know what you are!


Blue jeans, a yellow sweater over a white collared shirt, round glasses, and homemade animal ears (optional) are all you need to become the party’s bespectacled aardvark. Don’t forget to clench your fist in photos!

Dustin from Stranger Things

If you have curly hair, this is the ultimate low effort costume because all you need are a baseball cap, a shirt and hoodie, jeans, and a big goofy smile.

Halloween is such as fun time when you get to flex your creative (and witty) muscles and just have a fun night. If you were too busy to think of something, these quick ideas should do the trick — now have a treat!

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