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The Demand for Hairdressing in AU Stays High Despite a Recession

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Social media has played an essential role in the growth of Australia’s hair and beauty industry, which will reach a value of $6.5 billion this year.

A Shortage of Hairdressers

Despite the consistent demand for beauty services, the hairdressing industry struggles to hire and retain workers due to several factors. Stagnant wage growth is one of them, and this has been the concern of salon owners in Tasmania.

While there is a need to recruit more hairdressers in the state, the industry won’t likely slow down anytime soon because of trends that quickly spread through social networking sites. The increased demand means that salons will have to invest not just in manpower but also in equipment such as hair-thinning scissors and treatment products.

Younger Clients

In the past four years, salons have noticed a younger set of customers walking into their shops due to easily accessible images via Instagram. Those who are in their 20s or 30s no longer come in for a simple haircut, opting for more detailed services like laser treatment and eyelash lifts. Many have chosen to spend regardless of the economic landscape.

Even if the economy is down, industry analysts said that personal grooming remains necessary. The market has become more diverse with more men becoming frequent customers. The trend stems from their desire to keep a youthful appearance, especially for those who work in a competitive profession. Older men who previously had qualms about going to the salon no longer see it as a luxury but a critical routine.

The stable demand for hair and beauty services bodes well for salons and other businesses. It might be challenging to recruit skilled workers now. You can compensate for the limited number of staff by having a complete set of equipment.

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