About Us

Located at 14th Street and Michigan Avenue in the heart of South Loop, Square One is now open. The new neighborhood-driven bar will echo a sense of community for locals and will serve as an ideal place for a craft beer, a finely tuned cocktail, or one of many fine wines. Food accompaniments such as specialty meats and cheese will be interactive and creative.

The Bar


Designed by owner Ron Vaisman, Square One’s design is warm and eclectic with a modern feel. The counter-chic space features local wood reclaimed floors, 30-foot high ceilings, chalkboard walls, and reclaimed wine barrel chandeliers. The 23-foot cement bar includes seating for 24 on adjustable machinist stools and features a meat and cheese station on one end. Reminiscent of an old school drive-in, a 12-foot projector will play black and white movies over the bar. An area called “the living room,” is outfitted with a u-shaped couch, slate fireplace and TV, and can be reserved for private parties. Square One offers seating for about 60 people inside and patio seating in directors’ chairs for 30 outside on 14th Street.

The Beverage Program


A “Drinker’s Bar”, Square One focuses on wine, local beers, and craft cocktails, straying away from big brand liquors and beers. Self-service wine stations with three settings allow guests to purchase custom amounts of wine ranging from an ounce to a glass. The station offers four reds, four whites and two sparkling. Self-service wine options will rotate and will feature interesting and non-typical styles. Additionally, Square One features 40 bottles of wine that will range in price from $25 – $75.

Featured beers include Arcadia Whitsun, Hitachino White Ale, Metropolitan Flywheel Lager, Two Brothers Dogs Days and a rotation of Three Floyd’s. Ciders like Ace Pear Cider and Wyder’s Raspberry Cider are also available.

The cocktail list consists of signature craft drinks designed by an award winning mixologist. Cocktails are $9 – $12, and highlights include the Sheriff Pepper (Bulliet Bourbon, ginger beer, tamarind puree, pineapple and lime juice, green cardamom and cinnamon), Scaramanga (Casa Noble Blanco, Beverage Artistry El Corazon, Blood Orange Italian Soda, rimmed with tropical sugar and pink Himalayian sea salt), and MayDay (London Dry Gin, Cocchi Americano, Bonal Gentiane-Quina, Todd Appel Grapefruit Cordial, Bolivar Bitters and grapefruit zest).

The Menu


Square One’s light bites menu features quality food created from a collaborative team with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Ordering food at Square One is an interactive experience as all menu items are prepared on the bar, and all meats and cheeses are sliced by hand at the customer’s request. The menu consists of pizzas. salads, meats, cheeses, and other small interesting dishes.