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Privacy Policy

Square One Chicago values the privacy of our site visitors. In no way will the data we collect from our users be used against them or cause them any harm. We put our users first and above all, and we will not do anything to compromise their privacy and our relationship with our readers.

The following data are the only things we collect from our readers:

  • Personal Data – In case you send us a message through our contact forms, submit a comment on one of our posts or subscribe to our newsletter, we collect the name and email address you’ll provide.
  • Cookies – In order for us to improve user experience on the website, we collect-cookie related information from our site visitors. Cookies include the pages you visited on our website, how you discovered the website and the likes. The gathered information will be used to analyze the site traffic and improve the overall quality of the publication. Our users can also disable their cookies if necessary.

Every data we collect from readers will only be used for the improvement of the data. We will not sell or share the information with any third party for data mining or advertising.

We will inform you in the event that we update our privacy policy for any changes.