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The Team Behind Square One Chicago

One Saturday night at a random pub in Chicago, a group of journalist friends gathered for a drink. What could have been just an ordinary night became a brainstorming session of what it would be like to start our own publication.

Two months later, here we are with Square One Chicago. From lifestyle trends, DIY home ideas, travel guides, to everything under the sun, we aim to report everything that’s hot.

We are a team of five journalists who cover different beats for our day jobs, but we converge in this publication to discuss stories and to cover news that we care about. Though this is generally a lifestyle magazine, we practice our professionalism and journalistic habits in running the website.

Though the internet is already saturated with lifestyle magazines promising to be different, we still believe that we can bring something new to the game. With our varied interests, merged with our backgrounds, we aim to be relevant in the industry. Our integrity as journalists and our fresh ideas as part of the millennial generation make Square One Chicago a go-to hub for dynamic online content.

There’s no click bait here. We’re here to tell the stories that no one else will cover, and to bring to light topics that could have been mundane, but delivered with depth, can be proven useful.

If you share our views and goals, then hit subscribe. Or better yet, be part of our team.